A flag that will never fall

This is for all of those who sacrificed themselves on this day ten years ago. Many lives were lost, but many were saved because of you. Through out the day I will post three poems, and here is the first one. This is about my own experience during that day ten years ago.I will always remember that day.

I remember a striped colored flag

I remember when I was eight years old when it happened

I was in the third grade

Everything started normally

The sky was clear

And the birds were chirping

I remember that day like it just happened yesterday

I remember being in class when she came in

The principle had pulled two girls out of the class

No one knew what was going on and neither did the girls

After that everything changed

I remember by teacher stopped teaching

As soon as he got the call

All he did was sit at his desk and try not to cry

His hands shook with fear

His eyes were red as fire

I remember him trying to keep it together

So it wouldn’t scare us

No one knew what had happened

But we all soon realized

That some lives would be changed forever

I remember going home and looking around me

People were silent

People were crying

People were scared

And no matter what my mother wouldn’t say anything

I remember being excited that day

The day my father was flying home from a business trip

Once my mother drove me home

She turned on the news

And just started to cry

I remember not understanding what had happened

Being told that some bad people did some very bad things

Fires were being put out

People were going to the hospital in mass numbers

And that there was a nation scared

I remember the next day

Waking up to hearing my mother one the phone

My father was stuck in an airport

But was coming home

I never knew how much that affected me

I remember every flag in the city was lowered

I remember the tears on everyone’s eyes

I remember a day that changed everything

I remember a day that affected our lives and others

I will always remember that striped colored flag

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