Salute the flag of our country

This is the last poem for this special update. the first story in this is true, it was said to be by an old friend, the second one is parts of different stories put together, please enjoy. RIP to all of those whose lives were lost that day and what that day brought.

I remember a stripped colored flag 3

I remember ten years ago

I remember that day

I remember that third grade class

I remember those girls that got pulled out

I remember all of those tears trying to wash it all away

I remember hearing their stories

Those girls that left the room

Never came back that day

When they finally did all they could do was cry

They eventually left

But not before telling us their stories

I remember she said

I remember him being big and strong

All ways looking after me

Taking care of me when I felt down

He was always there for me

He was working in the first one I think

Going about his business

When everything changed

They told me he never felt a thing

That it all happened so fast

I remember the other girl said

I remember my parents getting a devoice

My father moving to New York after that

He got a job as a police officer

And was off duty the day it happened

They told me he was brave

They told me that no matter what he always went back in

They told me he never gave up and saved tons of lives

They told me that he fought hard but the fire was too much

They told me that he was a hero

I never liked my father for leaving me she said

But after that day I have never stopped loving him

And will always remember him

I remember listening to their stories

Listening to their sobs

Watching their tears run down their face

From then on nothing was the same

Even the world changed

I remember one of them saying we should kill them all

That they don’t deserve to live after what they did to us

We should burn their homes just like they did ours

We should force them to cry

As their loved one die before them

I remember one of them saying we should kill them

That we shouldn’t become like them

That no one deserves that pain

No one deserves to cry like that no matter who or why

It’s not a matter of race or religion

It’s a matter of love and hate

I remember tears that will never dry

Fire that will always burn

Smoke that will always cover our eyes

Screams we will never stop hearing

And things we will always see

I remember nothing being the same

Ten years has gone by and no one has forgotten

The day our lives were changed

Whether you were a few blocks away

Or a hundred miles away

We all took the impact

No one took it more or less

We all shared the pain

No matter if we lost a loved one or not

We all lost something

But we should always remember

That stripped colored flag

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