The flag will wave forever

This next poem I personally can’t compare to because I’ve never felt what those men must have felt ten years ago, but this is what I have been told, please enjoy and this is in honor of all of those men and woman who stopped what they were doing to help those men and woman in the towers. They will live on forever.

I remember a stripped colored flag 2

I remember a normal day

I had just gotten off duty

And decided to take a stroll down the street

To clear my head

I remember that work was a hassle at that time

So many things to report to

So many things going on

I didn’t realized that none of that mattered today

I remember people smiling all around me

People laughing and giggling

People having a really good time

I never knew that so much could change

In just a split second

I remember seeing smoke coming from the distance

People running away as fast as they could

I saw fire raging ahead

And wasn’t sure what to do

Until I started running towards

I remember hearing screams and cries

I saw ruble all over the ground

And people trapped

I was tired and over worked

But as soon as I saw it everything changed

I remember seeing the scorching red fire of the flames

The screeching voices of the explosions

 The deafening tears around me

I saw it coming down

And just couldn’t believe my eyes

I remember watching people climbing out of the rubble

People helping everyone get out

I heard the screams of the people still inside

I wondered if they were going to make it

And then I remembered

I remembered it was my duty to help them

My duty as a citizen of this country

As a member of this society

As an officer of these people

To do whatever I could to save them

I remembered why I took this job

Not to put away criminals

Not to arrest people for being unjust

Not for giving tickets everyone hated

But for sacrificing myself for the people of this city

I remembered the tears running down my face

As I ran into the building

I had never seen anything like it before

People lying around me still

Fire burning my skin

I remembered carrying one person out

Two people out

Before long I had taken out twenty people

But it wasn’t enough

It was never going to be enough

I saw families crying their hearts out

Pleading for it to end

Praying that someone would stop this from happening

Begging for there to be an end

Another explosion erupted and the fire raged on

I remember feeling helpless

Feeling that there was nothing I could do

But still I continued to do whatever I could

Running back inside to where the screams all come from

Fire erupted everywhere and there was no way out

I remember looking past the burning flames

Past all the tears I saw

Past all the pain I felt

I knew that this was the end

But I gave myself for these people and that made all the difference

I remember seeing it waving in the air

Nothing could touch it

Not the fire of my body

Not to smoke in my heart

I remember a stripped colored flag

That could never be taken down

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