I walk down the hall and see all their faces

They laugh and whisper

I keep walking and try not to think about it

I stumble across the floor

And everything gets louder

No one helps me up

No one’s there to lend me a hand

I pick myself up and just keep walking

I walk until I’m out of sight

I wipe the tears off my face and keep walking

Everyone here is in the right place

I’m the fly in milk

I go up to you who I call friend

You take me off to the side and whisper

“Not here, go away”

I see someone I just met

I say hi as I walk by but no response

All they do is laugh as every word comes out

Every word I say is nothing but a crime

Waiting to be punished

I’m the bug no one likes

I’m the one no one wants to talk to

I’m the punch line in everyone’s joke

I’m the one whose voice is a crime

I’m the one who should be punished

What is Justice?

Something you ignore?

Something you don’t want to talk about?

Something you wish wasn’t there?

Justice is something I know best

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