Who you were and are to me

Who you were and are to me

It’s been roughly three years

Since you left us to our thoughts

I wasn’t there to look into your eyes

As you drifted off to sleep

I can only imagine what it felt like

A dark light and then end

Of a narrow tunnel

Our voices in your head

Crying out in fear

Not knowing what will come

We knew it wasn’t going to be long

We tried our best to comfort you

Or at least we thought

We mustered our courage

And fought the truth in front of us

You were always there

To talk to about anything

And everything

We played games for hours

And no matter what happened

You were there for all of us

You taught us to accept everyone

You opened your door

No matter whom it was

There was always a seat at the table

For anyone who wanted it

You cared for us when we were sick

When we were lost and scared

When we had nowhere else to go

When no one would listen you did

When no one was there you were

It’s been roughly three years

Since he took you under his care

I tell myself you’re in a better place

But really any place is better than here

You taught us to love

To care

To be there for each other

And to do everything unconditionally

You taught me to be brave

You told me everything I needed to hear

How to talk to others without judgment

How to stand up for my beliefs

To seek help when I needed it the most

To find love wherever I could

To learn from my past and my mistakes

To live for the future

To always care

And you always told me

That no matter what

You would be there for me


Everything changed after you left

I remember that night perfectly

I play it back in my head

From time to time

I remember laughing and smiling

For that one night

And that one day

No one fought

None of us had hatred with us

We all smiled and laughed

And had a good time

That was your last gift to us

To show us that we actually cared

To show us how to love each other

And how to be with each other

That night ended perfectly

And nothing will change that

Even that call at four AM

I regret not being there

To hold your hand

To look in your eyes

And tell you what I always wanted to

To say how I felt

I wanted to tell you I cared

I wanted to say everything would be alright

Your love filled me up

I wish I was there to watch you

Walk down that tunnel

I wanted to tell you

That no matter what was on the other side

That you would be with us no matter what

We all cried for days

I remember you going

I remember the freshly cut grass

The slight chill in the air

All the black and white around us

You were the star of the show that day

You became the owl on the roof

Right beside the eagle

You will always watch us

Forever into life

Until we see you again

No matter what

No matter what doors we open

No matter the joyous occasion

No matter how much we fight

No matter how far we go

No matter what lies ahead

We will never forget

We will always cherish you

And whenever we need you

I know you’ll be right there

To tell us

Just what we needed to hear

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