One week (The grind version)

Okay so I edited my poem titled one week and read it at the grind, here is the edited poem for you. This is does not count as a weekly update.

One week

I never really liked hospitals

Always cold and soft like the feeling you get

When you’re sad and down on your luck

The walls are always white and bland

Full of sickness and depression

The halls are always crowded

With tears and the loss of will

And the belief that no matter what

Everything will be alright

I was in this place for one whole week once

Not being able to move much

Thinking about the future

Shivering everyday with every cold second going by

And hoping with every ounce of hope I had in me

That everything would be all right

Every day I would go and see him

Climb the cold and dark elevator

All the way to the top

On the way to the top I would think

Think about all the hope I had in me

But every time I walked through his bedroom doors

Hope seemed bitter and gross

Every day I would see him

Curled up in his bed

Barely moving and not talking

His eyes closed and his skin dry with cold

Several times he tried to break free

So they cuffed him to the bed

And took all hope of escape

Every time I saw him

I would sit down and fold my hands into my lap

For my legs could not bear any more weight

As I sat there I would pray to a god I never knew

Or understood

I heard the doctors one day

They said it was a mild coma

Able to move and moan but

Nothing else

I didn’t understand how that could happen

To the person I looked up to the most

To the person I looked to for strength

How could something like this happen

I hated being in the room

All depressing and cold

It felt like Vermont winter even

In those Texas summer days

For one week it felt like this

And for one week nothing changed

Every night our parents would come home

Neither of them would talk nor listen

Every night they would go to sleep

 Crying and praying

Crying for help

And praying that something would change

And no matter how many tears weren’t dried

And prayers weren’t answered

They never gave up

The doctors said they could do one last thing

There were no guarantees and after that

Nothing could be done

They did the operation

They said it was a success

But still did he lie there


Now they said the rest was up to him

I couldn’t believe that this was happening

To the strongest person I knew

At first I started to lose hope

I would stand their beside him and just look at him

Hoping he would open his eyes and look at me

Every day

Our parents would place their hands on my shoulder

 And whisper into my ear

Everything will be okay

They never gave up on him

And neither did I

For a boy who never prayed

I prayed every day and every night

Hoping for someone to help him

For someone to give him strength

For someone to give us all hope

Whether it was god or someone else

It’s the sixth day now and every time I see him

Tears form in my eyes

I had never seen anyone like this before

But I had known death before

And that feeling was coming back

I could feel it inside me

 It got closer and closer

Everything seemed dark and cold

I felt hope leaving me

I felt that there was nothing more I could do

I stood their beside his bed

And reached my hand down to his

It was cold and still

I felt it all about to end

And then just as fast as it came

All those feelings disappeared

I started to feel something else

I opened my eyes and looked down

I saw his hand grasp mine

And right then and there

 I knew

Everything would be okay

The next day was July third

It was the seventh day

We had just woken up back home

 The air was still as quiet as ever

I wasn’t sure how much more we could take of this

It was getting harder and harder to do anything

And then something changed

The phone rang that morning

It echoed through the house

You could hear it everywhere

Our parents picked it up

The phone shook as they placed it to their ears

Only two words were spoken

Happy anniversary

Everything went still

Tears rolled down their eyes

 They grasped the phone tighter

And smiled like never before

It was him

He was awake

He was going to be okay

The feeling of loss is powerful

And even more so when you can see it coming

To this day I haven’t forgotten that week

And I probably never will

But that’s okay because

Everything is okay

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