What everyone should have

What everyone should have

I am something everyone should have

Something people claim to have

I am something you cherish with respect

Above all else

I am what I am

I can’t be seen

But I can be spoken

I can be felt

And some say tasted

And I am something that can be heard

Only with kindness

Few people truly find me

And only once

You can find me

In the most unexpected people

Even those with shyness in their hearts

Even if you find me

Few can stand up to me

Even men with the most bravery

Fear me to no end

I watch everything

And I know all

I know your secrets

And I know your truths

I know the love in your hearts

No matter whom you are

I usually follow hatred

Wherever it goes

And I do anything

To find my victims

But I don’t choose my targets

My targets choose me

I can’t be taught

But I can be learned

It’s easy to find me

All you have to do is trust yourself

Open your heart

Look in your mind

Think about who I am

I am different to every person

And only few truly speak my full name

I am wherever you need me

You know who I am

For I have already told you

Just think and find the answer

So what am I

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2 Responses to What everyone should have

  1. redplace says:

    I love this… it is beautiful. Thanks for sharing :-]

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