Look around you

What do you see

Do see you jocks who play sports

Cheerleaders who kick and scream

Nerds who play chess

Preps who laugh and make jokes

Or geeks who play with computers

They say the ones beside you are the ones

Who catch you when you fall

Who are there no matter what happens

There is no one beside me

They call me a quitter

They call me the one they love to hate

They call me they funny one

They call me the advice giver

I’m the one who cares the most

Who is beside you no matter what holding your hand

Who listens to your pleas

And who listens to your cries

Yet there is no one beside me

No one to hold my hand

No one to hear my pleas

No one to hear my cries

They laugh is if they knew me

No one knows the past I’ve been through

They don’t know they words the use

I’ve heard them before

No one knew what I would do

I walked into my room

I looked behind me

I saw no one

As always

I closed the door behind me

To lock away my past and present

And I looked above me

At the thing that would make my future

I saw my halo resting above me

Waiting to be claimed

I stood up tall

And went through my halo

I’m sure angels do the same thing

Only my halo is not radiant gold

But brown

And burned

I know close my eyes

And think hard

Think about the people beside me

Think about my fall

As I stepped onto the air before me

I opened my eyes to see

There was no one beside me

No one to catch me as I fell

My halo caught me at my end

And there I lied


Hanging in the air

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