As I stood there watching

I watched the flames get higher

And the heat rise above my face

I was watching from a distance

From far the heats rays

It was a poor little thing

Being engulfed in yellow, red, and orange

Having its frail brown skin burn to black

Its big head being peeled off by the thickness of the flame

 As the flames wrapped around its small puny body

The flames rose higher and higher

The heat got more intense

You could hear a feint sound

It sounded like a small cry or whimper

Until you realized that wasn’t possible

I stood there and watched it throw its body around

The burning anguish and pain it must feel

And even though it knew the light before it

Was the hot blazing light of death

It fought to get free

The fire has died now

All that’s left is black and brown

Ash from its cold dead body

Never again will it know that burning light

That ended its day as I watched from a distance

The horror it was to watch

Watch life leave right before your eyes

Leave with no gleaming hope of survival

As all hope and life burn away

And turn to cold ash

There I stood behind that thin sheet of glass

That is where I watched it happen twice in my life

The first to a little girl in a burning building

The second to a moth who got caught in a candle

Who knew

Who knew that life with two different things

Could be so similar

Who knew that death with two different things

Could be so similar

No one would know until they watch the flames rise

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