My life of choice

My life of choice

I sat there in the dark

Looking out the window

It was raining that day

It was raining everywhere

I looked down at my phone

At all the empty messages

He tried to call

But I wasn’t listening

I held the rope in my hands

With the other end above me

I help the tissue in my hand

And wiped my tears one by one

I stood up on my bed

Wrapped the halo around my head

Looked down at the ringing phone

And said goodbye under my breath

No one was home

So no one would know

This was the end

It was almost over

I closed my eyes

Said goodbye to the world

Said I was sorry

And walked to the edge

I looked down on the floor

As the phone stopped ringing

I thought about what it would feel like

As I died under my weight

I lifted my foot up

And placed it on the air

I took one final breath

As the door flew open

I looked to see who it was

As I saw my friend at the door

He was who was calling

He was who I was ignoring

He was sweating from running

And all he did was look at me

He ran right up to me

And tackled me out of it all

I landed on the floor

As he placed his knee on my back

He pinned me to the ground

And cut off all air

I tried getting out

I tried stopping him

But no matter what I did

He would get off

I threw my arms around

And gasped for air

His knee pressed harder on my back

As the tears kept pouring

I didn’t understand it

But then he leaned down

He looked at my blue face

And said what I needed to hear

This is what it feels like with no breath

Your eyes go fuzzy and your world goes black

Your life flies before you and you see what could have been

You think about why you did it and you regret every second

Even with every last regret you know you can’t stop it

You will die with one last breath as it all ends

But you will not die and you will be given another chance

To do what you were meant to do


Once he took his knee of my back

I opened my mouth for air

And groaned in pain

I rolled over and looked at him

I couldn’t believe what he had done

Someone I thought who didn’t care

Cared more than anyone else

And saved me from myself

This is for everyone who thinks about it every day

Who thinks life isn’t worth living

Who thinks it’s not worth it to go on

You are dead wrong

Life is worth living

Life is worth the risk

Life is about the breaths you take

And not the breaths you waste

This is for everyone who thinks it won’t get better

But as long as you’re breathing life will get better

Every breath will take you a step forward

And bring more life then you could ever imagine

This is for everyone who has rope in your hands

This is for everyone who has a knife in your hands

This is for everyone who has a pill bottle in your hands

Put them down and live your life

Life it great and you are not alone

Life is precious and you will see

Life is meaningful and you will know

Life is everything and you will breath

So do what you were meant to do

Do what you need to do to live

Do everything you can just for that final breath


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