Where it all is

this is all the people I have met and for all the people that have helped me. If you’re reading this (and you know who you are) then try to guess which one is you, it shouldn’t be too difficult.

Where it all is

There’s a place you go to start over

A place where everything changes

A place that can show you who you are

A place that can tell you who you want to be

This is for all those people in that place

You all know you who are

You all stand there and watch

As I pass all you by and wave hello

This is for all those people who greet you at the door

You help you when you need it

Who make your journey worth while

And who no matter what stand there

This is for the giver

The one who is there for all of us

The one helps everyone

And expects nothing in return

This is for you

The fact that people really do care about you

And no matter how much you fight it

You will receive the gift that you have given

To all of us who you have helped

And no matter what the case

Your still twilight sparkle

This is for the new girl

You haven’t been here for long

But already you belong

You’ve been through more than any of us this year

But when you need help we are all near

You can be the strongest of us all

But occasionally you do have a fall

You’ve helped me in more ways than one

And I’m glad we’ve had our fun

This is for the jock

At first sight you were the one to intimidate

But then I found out you’re the one who made life fun

You were the one you could care the most

You would fight anyone who got in my way

This is for the cowboy

Who’s more of a country boy then I am

You laughed hard and you play hard

You introduced the pickin’ and the creemie

You opened you home when I needed it

And you never let something go when it needs to be held

You’re the one with all the knows

Even if your head goes into the clouds once in a while

But all in all you’re still Rarity

This is for batman

You’re stealthy and sly

I never know when you’re coming

You make everything better with just your words

Half the things I never wanted to know I heard from you

But that’s okay because you bacon bits and batman

And let’s not forget rainbow dash

This is for the conqueror

You sit there and you play your games

You always have a stand

You’re the smartest asshole I know

But we all need one of those

You troll every day and every night

You love your civ and your league

And you make everything interesting

This is for the link

You’re the newest I’ve met

We hit it off from the start

And now you live in this place

You love to party

You love to have fun

You’ve helped me when I needed it

And of course you’re still pinkie pie

This is for the powwow maker

You started the triangle

That’s helped me a lot

You were there when I needed it the most

And you never gave up

You told me how it is

And you made me listen

You live here now

And you never want to leave

You’ve helped us

As much as we will help you

And you will always be Fluttershy

This is for the black hat

You live in this place

You lead us to victory

After killing some zombies

Even though we haven’t talked much

You’re the hat that will help us all

This is for the helper

Right off the bat you gave me a hug

I thought you were a little out there

And then I found out I was right

But you helped me with a lot

And you care so much

This is for the Asian

You were the first one I met

You were the first batman I met

And you were the first Pikachu as well

We kidnapped you on your birthday

And we dropped you down stairs

You get more than I do

But you’re still their when I need it

This is for all of you

You have helped me so much

This has definitely been a fun semester

Three weeks away from here

And I already miss it

Next year will be even better

In this little place we call


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