Eulogy of a girl

This is for everyone who knows someone who they wish would be here today. this is for everyone who knows this all too well.

Eulogy of a girl

I stepped foot on to the pavement and headed to the church

The wind was humming and the trees were singing

There was black in the air of these white church walls

As tears hit your ears and made you fall in your hands

The church doors opened shining a light in your face

The light of the windows showing what we are all feeling

That even in death there is light to be felt

Hope to be recognized and life to be known

The bells rang two and so it began

That long walk up those red velvet stairs

To the alter of praise and just

Past the hollow box that’s filled on this day

And stand there beside you

I stand there in front of all of you

There are no tears; there are no cries

Just frustration and anguish

As I stood there looking down at them

Looking into their watery eyes

I think about what happens next

As I begin to speak

In life we sometimes make mistakes

We sometimes care too much or care too little

We sometimes try too hard to make everything right

When all it takes is one life to change everything

I didn’t know her very well

I barely knew what she looked like

Or what she felt or what she had

But I will never forget her voice

I remember her cries

I remember her pain

I remember her saying

This is the end for me

I could hear her voice echo in my ear

I could hear her pain

I could hear her anguish for it to end

I could hear the knife in her hand

I told her that life was not worth giving up

I told her that no matter what life will get better

I told her life is not worth even one loss

And you can’t give up

We hung up shortly after

I thought everything was fine

Until I got the call

That proved me wrong

Now I stand here before you

And stare at all your tears

And as I think about what to say

Nothing comes to mind

Writing this was difficult

Trying to find the right wards

And then I remembered

What a good friend of mine told me

The gift of life

The meaning of life

Is plain and simple

It is living

We never know what life will give us

We never know what life will bring us

All we can do is have faith

That we will make the right choice

Lives change in a second

All it takes is one second to change everything

One moment to make every tear come to life

And every fear rationalized

Life isn’t fair

You should never have to bury your child

Your child should bury you

But fairness isn’t what you should be thinking

Think about all the good times

Think about every moment with her

Think about the good times she had

Think about everything she is

Her flowing brown hair

Her soft white skin

Her lovable personality

And the love she gave us all

She is not gone

She is still here with us

She will never leave

She will always be with us

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