a new year; a new life

This is for everyone who has a life you love or a life you may not love so much. This weekend when midnight inches closer don’t think about what could be or what was, just keep living and everything will be okay.

A new year

A new life

No one lives forever

That’s the fact we all live with

But the best part of life is plain and simple

It’s that one day when we walk down that dark tunnel

When you get to the light at the end

You see yourself judged at the table of death

You see your regrets; you see your triumphs

You see everything you were; and everything you could have been

You see who you really are

As death looks at you in the face

You wonder how you’ll be judged

And then you remembered

You don’t care

It was your life you lived

You lived it to the fullest you could of

You had ups; you had downs

But it was your life you lived

You look death in the eye

You say give me your worst

‘Cause I lived my life

For all of you who are living

Look at your life right now

Ask if you are living

To the fullest you could be

Nothing is perfect

No life is the best

No one lives forever

So just live your life

Most people don’t realize

That death is nothing but another gift

Another way; another chance

At living to the fullest

Make your life what you want

Praise to god your still here

And at that midnight bell

Make your final wish

And live your life

To the fullest you can

So when you walk down that tunnel

And you meet death for yourself

You can look him in the eye

And say you lived your life

Go through judgment

With no regrets to bare

Death can be as great as life

But only when you live to the fullest you can

And it all starts now

At that midnight bell

A new year

A new life

To live

To the fullest

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