A year in glory

This is for everyone. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

A year in glory

One more semester

That’s all that was left

Then I would walk down that stage

And onto another life

I got the package in the mail soon after

I was so happy I got in

I couldn’t wait to go up

And be with the maple eaters

The rest of the semester went by so quickly

Before I knew it; it was all over

I was walking down that stage

And onto something great

That summer was the worst

I was meeting so many people online

I wanted to meet all of you online

I didn’t know what to expect

I remember summer coming to a slight close

And room assignments came out

I couldn’t wait to look at mine

And what I found was a huge surprise

It said I was in a place called sanders

I had never heard of it

And neither had anyone I talked to

I didn’t know what to think

I talked to a few people from my hall

But I was still scared; still nervous

Finally it came time

To leave everything behind

It wasn’t hard

I didn’t have very many connections here

I’ve never really had any

North was supposed to be a new change

And what a change was it

I got there and met so many people

But something was off

Something didn’t feel right

For some reason I didn’t feel like I belonged

And then that Tuesday happened

You know who you are

You know what happened that morning at 11 o’clock

After that everything changed

I can honestly say nothing was the same

Sanders became Bernie

No connections became many

Life was good

Normally this would be were the butt is

But there won’t be a butt this time

Life really is good

As the year comes to a close

I know the next few years will be ones to remember

And it’s all thanks to you

To you Bernie (you know who you are)


About tothefutureanditsglory

I'm a freshman at champlain college and I'm a computer and digital forensics major. Despite that being my major one of my greatest passions in life is writing. I love putting my thoughts and ideas down on paper.
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