Free to fight

I’m sorry I didn’t update my blog last week, first week of the new semester and it was a little crazy, but her is my new update, and I think it speaks to a lot of us, you’ll know what I mean when i say this, stop SOPA and PIPA.

Free to fight

We as a nation are given several acts

The act to freely assemble

The act to freely have a press

The act to freely practice our religion

The act to freely petition what we feel isn’t right

And the act to freely have our speech

Every day we live our live with these freedoms

Knowing that no matter what no one will ever take them

Knowing that we will always have them

Because we are just

We live with people who know our freedoms

We live with people who care for our freedoms

And no matter what happens in the past, present or future

We will never stop fighting to be free

We live in a world where knowledge is endless

Where we can know anything and be anything

We have this freedom because of what we’ve built and created

You all know what this is

You may say I’m foolish

You may say I’m wrong

But our world was built on our own creation

And it’s our duty to protect that creation

You wouldn’t bane books for they contain knowledge

You wouldn’t end school for it teaches knowledge

You wouldn’t end people for they themselves our knowledge

So why would you end the thing we call our knowledge today

Why would you sensor our creation; the internet

We created it

We formed it

We perfected it

And it is perfect

If you don’t believe me then ask yourself

Where do you find knowledge you ask for?

Where do you form new bonds and friendships?

Where do you find anything you ever wanted to know?

It may cause harm

But it causes harm

So fight for your freedoms

Fight for what you created

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One Response to Free to fight

  1. Xavier Yes says:

    This is so interesting in how it smoothly changes from talking about our freedom as Americans to talking about our freedom as members of the globally connected Internet. Brilliant. Always good to see a fellow Champlain student utilizing the wonder that is WordPress.

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