Your silence; my words

Today’s the day

We close our mouths

Todays the day

We speak with silence

It doesn’t matter who you are

Where you’re from

What you are

Or how you live

We are all silent

Our silence speaks volumes

The words we need to hear

The whispers we keep

Today’s the day

It’s not just for silence

It’s for telling everyone

Why we are he

We are here to live

We are here to love

We are here to forgive

We are here to break the silence

Silence has come

Silence will leave

What was once in silence

Will now be in our words

Our words are our silence

We don’t speak for the once who can’t

We don’t speak for the ones in fear

 We don’t speak because we care

For everyone who’s silent

For everyone who has fear

Remove the tape from your mouth

And speak your words

Tell us who you are

Tell us why you live

Tell us everything

Speak volumes

Be the one to speak

For those who forever can’t

For those whose fear keeps them silent

And for those whose silence will never be broken

Our silence is like their silence

Cold and dark

Without life and feeling

Without even a whisper

Our silence is like their words

Warm and powerful

With meaning and love

With compassion and safety

So today’s the day

We will be silent

For those who are ever silent

For those who memories are ever with us

But tomorrow our silence will break

We will speak out

We will be the voice

To change the silence

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