So my freshman year of college has come to an end and to celebrate that I have to posts for you today. Both are to all of my friends that I have met up here, and I hope that we will all stay friends.

I have just completed my freshman year of college and I have to admit it wasn’t easy, but it was fun. When I came here to Vermont all the way from Texas, I had absolutely no idea what on earth I was getting myself into. I heard stories about what college was like, but what I’ve heard and experienced are two different things. I left home and everything there to start anew; a new life. In middle school you could say that I was the quiet kid in the corner who didn’t say much and who put a protective shell over himself and in high school I never thought that that shell would get cracked but it did. Now in college not only has that same shell been cracked even more, but it’s even been broken in some places. The shell I hide behind may never fully be broken but if it ever does this will be the place to do it. I was always the defensive one in high school, never really getting close to anyone, but you all changed that, and spending one whole year with all of you has literally changed me in some of the best ways possible, and in some of the worst.

There’s the giver, the new girl, the jock, the cowboy, batman, the conqueror, link, the islander, the captain, the helper, the show, the ranger, the pad, the crafter, the friend, and the smile. All of you have been there for me through the worst times and through the best times. Who dragged me clothes shopping for winter gear? Who dragged me to the mountain and taught me how to board? Who forced me to express myself and showed me that it’s okay to do so? Who helped me no one else could? Who took me in when I needed it? Who put up with me when I was the world’s biggest asshole? Who got me to do flips? Who got me to do things I never thought I would ever do? All of you did. If you had asked me a year ago if I was going to do all the things that I did this year, I would have laughed at you. And if I’ve learned one thing this year it’s that you never realize how much it affected me until I went and screwed it all up. So thank you, all of you, for being there for me. For taking in the Texan, and making me not only feel welcome but make me feel like I’m home.

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