Where it will always be

Where it will always be

Life is full of surprises

Surprises can come when you least expect it

They can come from anywhere

At any time

They can come from a mountain

Or a dance

Or a gym

Or even your home

To end the first year

One of many

I begin to think about those surprises

And this is for all of them

This is for the giver

The one who’s though as a father

And caring as one too

One who takes your attitude

And smiles anyway

The one who takes your mistakes

And doesn’t hit for them (even if he should)

He can be the most loyal

And the most trustworthy

But when it really comes down to it

He’s the one that surprised me the most

You’re the one I was most jealous of

And every second made me even madder

I became an asshole

And you still smiled at me

Who made me realize how much of an asshole I was

And you made me want to be a better person

This is for the new girl

The big sister so to speak

The one who dishes the crap (figuratively speaking)

But helps with your homework

And who does care, even if she won’t show it

She charming and graceful, most of the time

And she has a way with her words that leaves you guessing

She helped me think of the answers

Even if I didn’t know the question

She pulled me and pushed me

And came running about the spider on the wall

But she’s the big sister

And I guess she’s a keeper

This is for the jock

The big older brother

The one who protects us

The bully when he needs to be

The one who cares a lot

And who fights for us

This is for the cowboy

A name that doesn’t really suit you

You came off to be the smartest

And proved it everyday

You’re the music master

And the digital genius

And the web guru

Who has surpassed me in every way

You love life

And to me you’re like an older cousin

Always there to challenge me

And make me laugh with that crazy one of yours

I was always jealous of everything you had

And in the end you’re still better than me

This is for batman

Cunning and sly

Mysterious and totally badass

You had all the cool gadgets

And all the cool phrases

You’re the older brother

Who is much cooler then I

The fly through the night

And beat up all the bad guys

You protect us your own way

And you do it with style

This is for the conqueror

The one who got away

The brother fought everyday

The brother who we all learned from

You fought in more ways than one

And you did it your own special way

I didn’t get to know you very well

But you were one of the smartest I knew

You may have left us

But you’re still with us

And you’ll be back one day

This is for link

The sister who saved Hyrule

And did it with flare

You’re the one who taught me to write

And then to write some more

You made me a better writer

And a better person

There were some crazy times

Times I’ll always remember

We had some good laughs

And we’ll have some more

This is for the islander

The little sister

The one who kept me in check

Even when you needed help

I judged too much and you pointed it out

You got me to back off

Before I did something stupid

You always found a good time

And you were always laughing

This is for the captain

The one with the black hat

The uncle with style and elegance

And the coolest of all

You made us laugh

You made us think

You kept us going

You’ll be the first one to see Texas

And I’m sure you’ll love it

This is for the helper

The one with the brightest smile

The one who gives all the hugs

And the one who cares like a mother

You may be the oldest

By you chill with us just the same

You always know what to say

And you’re always willing to help

You’re crazy at times

And a little wild to

But you’re a great person

And a great one to know

This is for the show

The brother whose always out there

If it’s scaring people with your eyes

Or freaking them out with your clothes

You always put on a show

You were the first one I met

And the one whose stuck with me

Through it all

Keep living life like a show

And maybe one day I’ll join you on that stage

This is for the ranger

Pink to be exact

You were the shyest I had met

But you ended up being just like a little sis

You were crazy but fun

You were weird but that was cool

We could talk for hours

And I hope we get the chance sometime

This is for the pad

The brother who never judged

The one who got me through the year

The one who pulled me out of trouble

And made me work hard

You’re a good friend

And hopefully a good roommate

I’m sure we’ll be fine next year

But I’m sure it’ll be interesting

This is for the crafter

The brother who did the mining

And the crafting

The one who always made me laugh

And who always had a funny story

Thanks for all the laughs

And hopefully more to come next year

I’ll make sure to pop in your room from time to time

Just to see how the mining and crafting are going

This is for the friend

The sister who is the friend

The one who I can talk to about anything

And who listens to every word

The one who’ll teach me to cook

And maybe one day eat bacon (Again good luck)

I hope we’ll get to talk next year and the year after that

You help me realize life is good, hard, but good

So let’s keep on going

And keep on living

This is for the smile

The sis with the biggest grin

The one who I wish I got to know more

Which is my biggest regret

I hope we get to know each other more one day

And maybe we can share some laughs

You’re a good person and a kind person

I hope we can be friends in the future

So to all of you I say this

Don’t be shy

Be yourself

And no matter what you do this summer

Make sure you stay in touch

I know I can be a real asshole sometimes

Or maybe most of the time

But for everything that I did

I’ll just say sorry right now

I hope you stay in touch

And I hope that no matter what

Next year we’ll get together

And have a ball

Or something like that

Have a good summer

And may next year be better than this one

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