Life over

Life over

The second you pink up that controller

And you hit play

It never ends

Until it’s life over

You go through your whole life playing the game

Hoping that you’ll win one day

But the truth is everyone looses

At the end of the game

But loosing is all bad

It’s the journey you took

To that ending

It’s the hope you have until the end

We all wish there was a restart button

A button to push to let you start over

Start a new game

A new life

Playing a game with just one life

Isn’t much fun

But there are so many levels to play

Who wouldn’t want to play

I’m on level 19 myself

I’ve gotten this far but was it worth it

In 19 levels it’s felt like I’ve made a lot of restarts

But each one ends the same

The first couple of chapters on the first level are great

You achieve a high score and you’re doing great

But then you get to a boss and it happens again

You mess it up and you barely survive

You survive but nothings the same

The people with you on this journey

Are not but gone

And you are all alone

You wish you could continue

You wish you could fight on

But every day it gets harder and harder

And you’re not sure if you can make it

You remember the start of your journey

How by level 11 things were going great

And then you mess up and everything changes

And you move to another area

Three more levels and it happens again

Only this time you wished for it to happen

To travel to an area not many people had been

And that acted as your restart

Your taken in and showed the ropes

You gain a new fighting life

But by level 17 you mess up again

And you start to think if this game is worth playing anymore

You give yourself one more chance

To prove you can do it

You go as far away as you can

Where no one knows your name

The first couple of chapters are the best you’ve ever had

You have a bunch of people with you fighting beside you

And then you go off with a few of them

And you mess it all up

You didn’t mean to pull the trigger

But you did anyway

And when you all got back

Everything was different

You messed up

You made the mistake

You were selfish

And now it’s over

You beg for help

But you leave anyways

You try to go away but you can’t

The place you used to know isn’t there

You realize there isn’t anyone back there

Even though you miss it so much

You leave the group and you start to search

Search for an answer; search for a reason

You realize you’re alone

You realize some of the people you left behind are dead

You realize that it starts to get cold

You realize you’re game may be over

But you keep searching

Searching for the restart

But you realize that even if you found it

Would you be able to push it

After 19 levels could you push it

Could you restart

What would be the cost

Or does it even matter

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