You say you sit there in the corner

Watching as everyone walks by

Thinking that their life is better than yours

Because they’re not alone

You say life is hard

That you can’t stand the thought of going on

Yet your still here

In this cruel world

You say nothing matters anymore

That what you had is now gone

And everyone around you

Has left

You say it’s your fault

That you drove them away

That your mistakes

Cost you everything

You say you lie awake at night

Thinking of how it could be different

Thinking of every what if

And then it crosses your mind

You say everything would be better

If you just weren’t their

There would be no more pain

No more mistakes

You say you think about it

Every night while you’re awake

If they would even miss you

You know you weren’t their

You say they all helped you grow

And in the end you didn’t do the same

Nothing was done about it

And now you feel alone

You say you picked up the phone

Ready to call someone

But after thinking it over

You realize no one would pick up

You say you thought about talking

But every time you tried

The words just wouldn’t come out

And you were stuck feeling alone

You say that’s it

There’s nothing left to do

No more hope

And nowhere to go

You say goodbye one last time

Before you call to the angles

And ask for forgiveness

Then you look up and see me standing their

I say you’re alone

That you got nowhere to go

And you lost

But that’s okay

I say you got a chance

To go and live

Live your life

And be a better you

I say you think you’re alone

But you should take another look

They’re all beside you

Waiting for you

I say take their hands

And hold them tight

You may feel alone

But you’re just scared

I say stand up

Get on with your life

And make it the best you can

With what you have

I say take my hand

I’m not leaving and neither are you

And even when you along and feeling down

You always have someone standing beside you

We say live your life

We say it’s your choice to make

We say don’t be afraid

We say don’t be alone

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