It was raining that morning

The sky was black

And the air was cold

What was going on

I sat there in his room and just watched him

I watched him laying their still

Like calm water

On a nice day

I watched for his eyes to open

But after three months

They never did

I forgot what they looked like

Every day was the same

Sitting here watching and waiting

Watching him

And waiting for him to move

I was only six

And my parents told me he was just asleep

But I knew people didn’t sleep this long

I wanted to know what was wrong

They kept telling me he would be okay

But then why are we here

In this place

Where people are sick all around me

Everyday mom and dad would ask the same question

And every day the doctor would say the same thing

That nothing has changed

And nothing might ever happen

Every day I watched my parents cry

Every day I waited for the tears to stop

For us to go home

All together

Every day was like this

Until that one day

Where everything changed

And I began to cry

I could hear my parents in the other room

They thought I could hear

But I heard every word

They told the doctor that they were ready

The doctor nodded his head

And the tears began as they walked into the room

They placed their hands on his head

And said goodbye

I felt the room get colder

I felt pain in my stomach

I couldn’t explain it

Maybe I was sick to I thought

I couldn’t help but to cry

All my parents did was cry with me

And tell me it would be okay

But I didn’t understand why

I then remembered

I remembered the first day I was here

I sat here in the same spot

And watched and waited

I didn’t understand then just like now

All I knew was that he was sleeping

The doctor came in and stood beside me

He watched my brother as well

He looked at him and then down at me

He smiled and then looked back at him

He said “He’s breathing, that’s good”

I looked up at him and asked, “Why is that good?”

He laughed and looked down at me

He said “Because it means he’s still alive”

He then walked out of the room

And left me to watch and wait

I remembered what the doctor said

And then I looked at my brother

I could see his chest move

And I knew what that meant

I looked at my parents

And all I could say was “You can’t do it.”

They cried and hugged me

They said I didn’t understand

They were right, I didn’t understand

But I did know that my brother was breathing

Which meant he was alive

Which meant everything would be okay

I looked up at my parents and said

“With every breath come life

And every breathe means you’re alive

And life shouldn’t be taken away”

They cried harder and harder

As the words flowed from my mouth

They looked back at the doctor

And said “Our son is breathing as we are now

So as long as we are breathing and so is he we will

All be alive together”

The doctor smiled

And walked out of them room breathing

My brother was alive

And he was going to stay like that

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