(Don’t) be afriad

(Don’t) be afraid

I see you sitting their

Staring at the world

Thinking of everything you can

And wondering how to deal with the problem of life

You say that everything is great

I can tell you really don’t believe that

You hide behind your own grief

And you’re afraid of what will happen

You call for help and no one listens

Your thoughts become blurry

You stare down at the bottle

And think why not

You open the cap

You stare at the pills now in your hand

You count 1, 2, 3, and maybe a forth

You’re afraid of what will happen

But you put the pills in your mouth

You swallow them along with your grief

You start to shake with fear

And you should be afraid

Be afraid of what is to become

Be afraid of the actions you cause

Be afraid of the love you waste

Be afraid of the loss you cause

I know fear is a strong thing

I know you’re afraid to fight it alone

I know you fell that there’s nothing you can do

I know you feel that you don’t belong

I know you feel that this is the only way

To get rid of the pain

To get rid of the grief

To get rid of everything you hold dear

The next thing you know you can’t feel a thing

The next thing you know all you see is black

The next thing you know the pain is still their

And then you open your eyes

You sit there in bed

With crying faces everywhere

They ask you why you did it

But you can’t give them an answer

You still feel the pain inside

But now you know what it’s like without any pain

You think about your life and you realize

You rather feel pain then nothing at all

The pain is still strong

And you don’t know what to do

You look around the room

And there I am

You realize that I was there all along

Standing right beside you the whole time

Listening to your thoughts

And hearing your problems

I know you’re afraid

But I’m right here

So don’t be afraid

Just turn to me

Don’t be afraid I’m right here

Don’t be afraid I’m listening

Don’t be afraid I’m hearing you

Don’t be afraid I’m here with you

You’re not alone

I’m here to stay

To say my name

And I’ll be there

Miles apart won’t bring me down

I won’t give up if you don’t

Stay strong

And don’t be afraid

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