What if god could speak?

What if god could speak?

What if god could speak to us

Not in the signs he gives us

Or in the feelings he makes us feel

But with his voice to our ear

What would it sound like

Would his voice be gentle and light

Or harsh and heavy

Or would you even be able to hear his voice

People everywhere say that they have heard god

That he spoke to them and brought them to the right path

That he gave them the right advice

That made all the difference

What if that wasn’t really god

What if that was just ourselves bringing us to the right path

Or giving us the right advice

And making all the difference

What if god could speak

Would he speak Hebrew or Latin

Or French or Spanish

Or even English or German

What if we couldn’t understand him

Would we still listen to his words

Would we follow his orders

Would we trust him more than ourselves

What if god could speak

What if there was no one whole god

What if he died for us not to save our sins then

But to help us save ourselves from our sins

What if he truly broke the breed and poured the wine

What if they really were him

And every time we eat our daily breed or drink our communion

We eat and drink him into ourselves

What is he sacrificed himself

And placed himself in all his children

So that we always know what it feels like

To have someone die for you; to protect you

So when we pray we pray to ourselves

When we cry out and beg for his mercy we’re asking it of ourselves

When we think what would he do

We’re really asking ourselves what should we do

What if god could speak

What if god does speak

What if god is really human

What if god is really ourselves

Would we really listen


About tothefutureanditsglory

I'm a freshman at champlain college and I'm a computer and digital forensics major. Despite that being my major one of my greatest passions in life is writing. I love putting my thoughts and ideas down on paper.
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