What is control

Is it your instincts

You mind

Or your body

Whatever control is for you

It’s one of the most important things to you, right

Well if that’s true then why do people lose control

Why do people have fun losing control

Why is it after a certain age

Every single friend gathering

All mean one thing

Smoking or drinking, or both

Why is it so easy to lose control

For me control is everything

Losing it would mean someone else is in control

Someone else becomes my mind

Why do we give in to that ability to lose control

To we enjoy not being in control

Letting other people decide what happens

Letting fate take over

A lot of people who don’t believe in religious views lose control

The same people who don’t believe in fate

But fate is when something happens to you that you can’t control

So don’t those people actually believe in fate

When you lose control the feeling is nice

But is the feeling worth it

When you lose control you feel nothing

Not even pain

Control is everything

Control is something we need

So why do we lose it so often

Why do we let fate gain control

Losing control leaves nothing but regret

Nothing good comes of it

Yet we lose it anyway

But why

To have some fun

To be someone else

To let everything go

Or because we hate ourselves so much

 someone else should be in control

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