A light

A light

When I die there will be a light

I don’t know where or when or even how

But I know that there will be a light

Or at least I hope there is

People say that in your last seconds

You see your life flash before you

As you walk down the endless tunnel

Towards a light

In my tunnel I see my life

And as I look upon it I think to myself

Is this I life I’m proud to call mine

Is it a life that was worth living for

In the tunnel I walk down

I see people, lots and lots of people

I see the first girl I ever had a crush on

And I see the last

I see friends waving and smiling

As they all fade away when I pass

I see my mistakes

And I see my triumphs

I walk down this tunnel and judge myself

As I have always done

And only in a light

Will my verdict be sentenced

At the end of the tunnel

I see my jury

I see my judge

I see myself

Nineteen long years

And I see on self for every year

Looking down upon me

Ready to hear my plea

What do you say to yourself in the end

Do you say you’re sorry for everything

Do you say congrats it was a good life

Or do you kneel before yourself and beg for forgiveness

What in your life is there to forgive

You lived your live

There are mistakes

And things you regret

But what do you say

What do you do

And how will you feel

When you come up to a light

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