How happy can you really be in life

How happy is happy enough

How do we define happiness

Why do we define happiness

We live our lives for as long as we can

And at the end when we all look back

We smile and say it was a good life

But was it really

As a child we were truly happy

Not a care in the world

No worries or problems

We were happy

When does it change

When we get our first bill

When we get our heart broken for the first time

When we look at our life right now and frown

Isn’t that what life is all about

Being the happiest you can be

Isn’t that what we all strive for

True happiness

In a world full of grief

And strife

And sorrow

And worry

With all of this

How can we be happy

How do people look at life

And just smile

Is it being a pessimist

Is it looking at the glass half full

Is it watching a movie with a happily ever after

What is it

When is there true happiness

When we lose control and forget everything we have

When we find that one person

Or when we look at it all and smile


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