I’m not afraid

I’m not afraid

Let’s get to the point

I’ve had enough

This is it

I can’t take it anymore

I live my life the way I choose to

You call be weird

You call me a fag

You call me gay

Well guess what

I may not be gay

And I may definitely not be a fag

And I may be a little weird

But who cares

You walk to me

And you call me these names

You don’ even know who I am

You use to make me cower in the corner

Wishing my life was over

But enough is enough

And I’ve had enough of you

You go on day by day

Pretending that what you’re doing is okay

And as long as I cower

And as long as I’m afraid

You win

But today when I walked down the hall

And I heard your voice call out to me

You pushed me aside and said freak

It was just one more word that changed everything

I turned around and looked you in the eye

And said I’m not afraid anymore

You may reticule me

You may call me names

But not the fear is gone

I know you’ve afraid of me

Just as much as I am of you

But I’m not afraid anymore

I’m willing and I am

To stand up and show you

Who I am

And what I am

I am a person in this world

I’m like you

And like everyone

You can’t the difference

Between me or anyone else

And now I’m not afraid

To be who I am

And to show that to you

So if you’re afraid to be who you are

Stand up and show them who you are

The time has to not be afraid

Stand up

Show them who you are

Show them what you are

Be who you are

And the fear will gone

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