This is for everyone who faced fear first hand in Colorado, and this is for all of those who might have not survived, but will always be remembered.



We all have something we fear

Something that when we close our eyes we see it

We see it right in front of us

Hovering over us

Our fear is a part of us

Just like love or hate

Fear is always with us

And we can never be without it

But just like our love of a certain kind of flower

Or our hate of a kind of food

Our fear can be controlled

And just like our love and hate, fear usually controls us

But it doesn’t have to

When we close our eyes

And see our fear

We have a choice

We can choose to open our eyes

See past our fear

And look what’s behind it

The truth of it all

Even the greatest heroes have fear

Even the bravest have fear

Our bodies need fear just like love and hate

It gives us something to conquer in ourselves

Some of us fear spiders

Some fear darkness

Some fear heights

But most of all people feel death

Something so fragile as death

Is something we fear the most

And you don’t need special training

Or anything to look past fear

See it for what it really is

See the truth behind it

That no matter how close it may be

You can fight it

You can stand up and face it

You may win the fight or you may loose

If the person you love is leaving you

Would you fight to get them back

If someone who know

Is doing something you don’t like

Would you fight to stop them

If the answer is yes then you can fight death

Fear is no more powerful than love or hate

If you can fight one you can fight all three

So stand up to fear

And don’t let it control you

No matter what happens in your life

You will always have hate, love, and fear

So stand up and show it that it’s okay

It’s okay to have love, or hate, or have fear

As long as you’re willing to stand up to it all

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