We live in a world where we don’t know who we are

We are all untitled

We live our lives without anything

Yet we strive for something that can never be

Some of us live to be honest

Some of us live to be smart

Some of us live to be peaceful

Some of us live to be brave

And some of us live to be selfless

In our world we never know what we have

We never know what we need

And we never know what he want

Until the time comes to face it

We all know someone who is honest

Smart, peaceful, brave, and selfless

And what do they all have in common


We can never live without fear

And the day we truly face our fears

Is when we truly become who we are

We become titled

We live in a world that labels us from birth

And all the way to death

But the truth about it is those labels aren’t who we are

But what we fear

We fear now what we are

But what we can be

We fear that what we truly are


No one can live without that fear

Because it is what drives us

It is what moves us toward the path we choose

Or the path our life chooses for us

We all want truth

We all want intelligence

We all want peace

We all want to be brave

And we all want to help people

But we can never and will never have it

Until we face our greatest fear: being human

As humans we are liars

We are dumb

We are without peace

We are cowards

And we are selfish

Until we face our greatest fears

Until we realize who we really are

We will never know what we want

Or what we need

Or what we have

Until we realize that those are our fears

Until we stare them in the eye

And take in account that we are human

And we are liars, dumb, without peace, cowards, and selfish

But can be honest, smart, peaceful, brave, and selfless

Then we will be what we were truly born as

Human and untitled


About tothefutureanditsglory

I'm a freshman at champlain college and I'm a computer and digital forensics major. Despite that being my major one of my greatest passions in life is writing. I love putting my thoughts and ideas down on paper.
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