Can you pick up a one thousand pound weight

And is that what strength really is

How is strength really defined

And is there an exact definition of strength

And is someone really stronger then someone else

Does life really take strength to live on

Darwin said that only the strongest survive

But he never said what strength was

Is it someone who can win every fight they get in

Someone who could take a bullet and no matter what live

Someone who could lose every drop of blood and still go on

Or is it someone who can just get through life

Life is full of triumph



And death

And only the strong can get through all of that

Life makes us weak

It turns us into fools

And just when we are on our knees

It can break us

Maybe what Darwin really meant

Was that the weakest

And the foolish

And the ones who are about to break

Are the strongest

The ones who are able to get through it all

The ones who go through life

Without letting it control us

The ones who don’t give in to the weakness

Or the foolishness

The ones who realize that we are all humans

And that we can’t let life control how strong we are

Strength isn’t something you gain by lifting weights

Or by gaining muscle

It’s by getting through the things life throws at you

By lifting them above you and moving past them

The strongest know that we may be weak

Or foolish

Or on the verge of breaking

Or even human

But the strong knows that no matter what

The strong will get through it to matter what

Because we feel we have to

Because we’re weak

Because we’re foolish

Because we’ve already broken

Because we’re human

And because life may throw everything at you

But the strong will live

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