Take my name

Take my name

Here you go

Here’s my name

I’ve had enough

I’m finally broken

You’ve taken my love

You’ve taken my faith

You’ve taken my life

And now you’ve taken my name

What else do you want

I have nothing else

You took everything

When you said I wasn’t real

My life isn’t important

But yours sure is

I believed in hope

But all you preached was hate

You took my name

And everything with it

Our name is who we are

Our name is what we can see

People take it for granted

And they don’t know what they have

Until it’s taken away

Until you name is stripped from you

First there say that you’re not deserving

That the way you live your life isn’t right

That your faith is wrong

And your love isn’t right

It’ll take it all from you

And then once there done

And you have nothing but your name

Their coming into you home

And take that too

Your name means nothing to them

They take what they want

And give nothing back

But you can change it

You can stop it

By never changing who you are

By never changing your name

They may take your love

They may take you faith

They may take your life

But they can’t take your name

As long as you remember who you are

They may take the words right out of your mouth

But if you continue to speak them then everyone will know

You have a name and you’re not giving it up

You won’t let them have it

You won’t let them have who you are

It might just be a name

But it can do wonders

Your name can speak volumes

It scares them when they hear it

So speak your name

And they won’t be able to take it

Never forget who you are

Never forgot your love

Never forget your faith

Never forget your life

For as long as you remember

Nothing can be taken

Because you are who you are

And no matter how much they take

Nothing can change who you are

Nothing can change your name

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