Where I am

Where I am

Where I am is where I’ve been
And where I’ve been is who I am
I am someone who’s lost in the future
And the only way forward is the past

Everything I say
And everything I do
Is who I’ve been
And who I am

We live our lives in the past we choose
When are future is really laid out before us
We choose to live and yet we die
We die before we can understand the future

Or live the past
We know the end
We know the way
All we have to do is find it

Find what we’re looking for
Find who we are
Find where we’ve been
And find where we are

Life is a road you have to walk
Life is a turn, a tunnel, a path, river
Life can be anything and everything
Life is simply where you are

As a person
As someone who lives
As someone who will never truly die
As a human who knows where they are

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