My voice

This is the poem I read at the grind September 5th.

My voice

I am standing here today to speak
Listen to my voice and hear my words
What to you hear when you hear my words
What do you hear when you listen to my voice

Do you hear a college student
Or just an ordinary person
Do you hear the voice of a man
Or does it just sound childish

Do you hear someone who has come far to be here
Do you hear the voice of the place I’m from
Do you hear the y’all in my tone
Or do you just hear my words

Do you hear someone with a troubled past
Or someone with a bright future
Someone who’s shy
Or someone who’s full of life

Someone who can speak his mind
Or someone who’s at a loss for words
Someone who’s funny
Or someone who’s boring

Some people say that they haven’t found their voice
But saying that means you have
Some people say their afraid to speak up for something
Afraid no one will listen

This is why I’m here today
To speak with the words that we all know
To speak with the tone of fear
To speak with my voice so that all of you can hear

No two voices are the same
No voice is to blame
And there is no shame
In having you own voice


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