So today is a very good friend of mine’s birthday, and I wanted to wish her a special happy birthday with this. She has done so much for me in the little time I’ve known her, so this is me saying thank you, and happy birthday.


It was a dark and stormy night
The wind was howling loud and fast
The waves were building up all around me
There was no hope for survival

That is what life can feel like
Being on a ship in the middle of a storm
Rocking back and forth trying your best not to sink
And loosing hope
After every giant wave comes crashing upon you

Sometimes in life there is no hope
Sometimes you feel like you can’t stay afloat
That it would be better if you just rolled over and sank
Deeper and deeper into the dark ocean

Not being able to move or see
Feeling weightless
As you fall deep down
Until you the bottom of it all

Life can be hard to sail through
And not everyone can make it when a storm hits
But unlike some people I have a secret
A secret that keeps me afloat and won’t let me sink

A call it my anchor
The most important part of every ship
For every person who’s just sailing through life
And I’m glad to say I have one

When I think of my anchor I think of that stormy night
How the wind tried to blow my sails away
And the waves tried to bring me down
But at the first sign of trouble you jumped in the water

You swam as deep down as you could go
You kept me steady as the wind howled and the waves thrashed
You kept me from sinking to the bottom
Even if you have to go there for me

You help me in the roughest or storms
In the harshest of winds
In the blackest of nights
You hold me down like an anchor

Your firm like a mother
Like you’ve been doing this forever
You protect me and keep me safe
You keep me still so I don’t make it worse

Without you I would sink to the bottom
Without you I would be lost in the storm without any hope
Without you as my anchor I would never leave the dock
With you as my anchor I trust you with my life

I put my trust in you to keep me afloat
As you trust me to bring you back up
After the storm settles
And everything is okay

I pull you up
And sail on through life
And I know if another storm comes my way
You will be my anchor


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