We will never forget to remember

We will never forget to remember

We will always remember where we were
What we felt
How old we were
When everything changed

On that day
No one saw it coming
It came out of nowhere
And it put us to the test

Lives were lost
But some lives were born
Born into ourselves
Some became who they were meant to be

All of the training in the world
Could’t prepare you for this
You can be taught how to save lives
How to shoot a gun
How to fly a plane
But no one can teach you how to give up your life

It happens in a split second
When you least expect it
It doesn’t wait for you to have a good day
Or for you to be at your best

All it takes is one thought
One little electrical signal to go off
And you know that no matter what
You will give your life for others

The second it happens you see people running
Running in all different directions away from it
You stand their looking around
And then you take a deep breath and you run

You run not away from it
But right into it
You run into the fire
You run into the screams

You heart races
Your body sweats
And you ask yourself
What am I doing

But you know the answer
And so you keep on running
You run until you can’t anymore
And then you just keep on going

You run through the blistering heat
And the black smoke
Until you come to a stop
And look down at the little girl by your feet

You bend down to see she’s still breathing
So you pick her up and put her over your shoulder
And you keep running
Until you get her out alive

Once outside you find more help
And once they see you they ask you to stay with them
But you shake your head, turn around, and run back in
So you can save them all

You think about your family every second
About your loving wife
And adorable daughter
You think about where they are
Hoping that their safe

You ask yourself over and over again
Why an off duty op is doing this
You don’t have to be here
You can be home with your family

But then you remember the promise you made
That you would protect everyone you could
No matter the cost
Every life deserves to be saved

As you run up the stairs
And the fire keeps getting bigger
And the screams keep getting louder
You stop there on the 20th floor

You can’t go any further
The smoke is in your lungs
And the fire is all around you
You can’t make it back

You continue to hear the screams
You can tell their only a few feet away
But you can’t move
You can’t save them

Some lives were lost
Some lives were saved
And on this day we don’t remember the event
We remember that day
That day when people showed us who they really were
When people choose in an instant
That they would give up their life
For someone else’s
No matter who
No matter the cost

We remember those you didn’t die in those towers
But who saved us from them
We remember why this country is great
We remember the men and woman
Who gave their lives
To save countless others
No matter you race
Your gender
Your orientation
People are just people
Ad those people on that day
Knew that better then any of us
And they will always be remembered
For as long as we shall live

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