Forgive or regret

Forgive and regret


There is a place inside you

A place where you hold it all

Everything that has ever changed you

Everything that has ever affected you


In this place you hold your past

And you hold your present

Some people keep it closed off

While others open it up to the world


Inside it is different for everyone

Some might be pitch black

Where everything you’ve ever regretted lurks

Waiting for you to come in so they can devour you


Some might be white

With the gleaming shimmer of hope

That everything inside isn’t your fault

And that it doesn’t control you


We all have this place inside of us

Some places are bigger then others

And some might be smaller

With just bigger things in them


We live our whole lives trying to decide

What to do with this place inside

Should we close the door and never look inside

Or open the door and embrace it all


No matter if the door is open or closed

The things inside continue to change us

It changes us to the point where we break

Where we look inside ourselves and wonder


Wonder what would have happened if we had done this

What would have happened if we did that

We wonder how we were so foolish in the past

And yet we repeat that foolishness in the present


We wonder how we got this far with all of this inside us

We wonder when it’s going to devour us and finish us

We wonder just how long we can last

Just how long we can run from it until it catches up to us


It finds us and forces us to remember

Remember all those times when we were foolish

All those times when we did the wrong thing

And all those times when we could have done something different


We remember those times like they happened to us yesterday

We wonder why we made those choices

Why we did the things that we did

And then we remember that which is most important


We remember who we are


We remember that we are who we are today

Because those choices and those mistakes

Are what brought us this far

They are the reason we are still here


Whether your place is black with regret

Or white with forgiveness

Open with acceptance

Or closed with fear


Our place is our past

It is our present

And it will be our future

Whether we forgive or regret


Our place is our home

And we can choose to remember and forgive ourselves

Or we can regret it all and make those same mistakes

And wait for it to catch up behind us and devour us completely



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