Get up

Get up


You’ve been kicked

You’ve been punched

You’ve been laughed at

You’ve been humiliated


You’ve lived your whole life

Thinking you’re one personality

Only to have the world tell you

That you are someone else


You lay there on the floor

And let them do these things to you

You don’t say a word

And you hope it will get better


You feel sorry for yourself

You feel that life can’t go on

You feel no one loves you

You feel no one will except you


You are wrong


Get up off the ground

Get up and brush yourself off

Standing can be hard

But lying on the ground can be harder


You feel sorry for yourself?

Feel sorry for the people before you

The people who’s life ended too soon

Feel sorry for the family who’ve lost a child


You think you’re along but your not

No one is ever alone in a world of 7 billion

All you have to do is get up

Get up and make the difference


You say your afraid

Afraid of what they will do

Afraid of what they will say

Afraid that that they will hurt you


It’s good to be afraid

It means that you have something to hold

Something to hold onto and make the choice

To stand up to the fear or not


Life is dangerous

Don’t let anyone tell you different

But no matter what no that fear is a choice

One that everyone must make


The choice to push aside your fear

And get up

Get up and live your life with the fear

Take the fear with you and hold onto it


Hold it and stare upon it

Every time life gets rough

And remember that you got up

You made the choice

Not to let fear hold you

Not to let the fear of others control who you are

You made the choice to be who you are

You made the choice to get up


You may not make it

But that’s okay

Because you hold onto your fear

And it doesn’t hold you


You had the power to get up

And like dominoes on a table

One effect becomes many

As other follow in your wake


They saw you get up

They saw that you held onto your fear

So they did the same

You stand up together


People don’t understand you

People don’t respect you

People treat you like crap

As they take away your rights


But I do

I understand you

For I got up

And continue to hold my fear


I made the choice

The choice to live

So I could control my fear

And not have it control me


The world is a dangerous place

Not everyone makes it

But you will; All you have to do

Is get up

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  1. You are my inhalation , I possess few web logs and rarely run out from to post .

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