It’s the way she looks at me

The way she talks to be

It’s the way she smiles when she walks in the room

And the her sweet brown eyes gaze all around her


She knows my past and my present

She knows the life I have lived

She knows why I’m guarded

And she knows why I’m reserved


She knows I don’t trust easy

But every time she says “I don’t judge”

I can’t help but trust her

No matter what


She knows about my childhood

She knows what I went through

She understands and doesn’t judge

Even when she should


She’s always been there

She’s always been willing to listen

She’s picked up my burdens

And helped me carry them


She doesn’t realize what she means to me

She doesn’t realize how important she really is

Or the impact she’s really made on me

Which makes her even more special


Every time I hear her speak I smile

Every time I see her smile I shine

There’s been so much heart break and hardship in my life

Having her in it makes it all better having at least one good thing in my life



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