We go through life meeting new people

We laugh and we play

We cry and we weep

The good times and the bad times together


This is for all of those I’ve lost

To Nana, Josh, and Jesse

To Derrick, Travis, and Josh

To Jordan, Mitch, and Zach

To AJ and Jenny


Why bother connect with people

When the moment you turn your back

They’re lost forever

Never to be seen again


It hurts so much

Experiencing every loss

It makes me wonder why I get so close

Why I become so close to these people


The pain inside hurts more than anything

And to the people I’m close to now

I can’t help but feel and think about the day

When I loose you as well for it will come


I’ve never been able to hold on to anyone

I’ve never been good enough at it

And now I’m loosing once again

It hurts so much I just can’t bare


I want to say I’m sorry to those

Who stand by my side

Even if it’s just been for awhile

I’m so close to you that it feels so great

But in the end it’s nothing but loss

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