Who we are

Who we are


We are who we are for several reasons

Our family makes us who we are

Our friends make us who we are

But at the end of the day

We are the only ones who make us who we are


We get beaten

We become broken

We become damaged

All by life

All because of who we are


We develop

We change

We do what it takes

To discover who we are


We follow the patterns of our lives

No matter how many times we get hurt

We try our best but sometimes

Our best isn’t good enough


We become beaten


And Hurt

And that’s who we are


But what can we do

How can we change our ways after so long

How can we become something different

And how do we know different will be better


If we change then what will happen

Will it be better in the end

But maybe it doesn’t matter better or worse

Because even if we change I guess that’s just who we are as well


We live

We die

We change

But after we draw our last breath


We are who we are

And who we will always be

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