Close your eyes to the world
Shut away everything around you

Breath in the world around you
Let the air fill you from head to toe

Be aware of everything
Allow the air within you to flow through you

Let the heat of the air swallow you
Allow it become you

Feel the heat of your chest
Becoming the fire in you

Think about the world your in
Allow it to fill the fire in you

Think about the people in your life
The actions you’ve made
The good and the bad

Feel your body burning itself
Wanting to continue going
Calling out wanting to live on

Think about the fire
Is this what your life is about
Loosing your breath
Allowing the fire to take you
Because it will if you let it
You hold onto that last breath as long as you could
You begin to wish you could have just one more
To feel the air through your nose and your mouth
To feel it become you

Open your eyes
Take another breath
Live on with your life
Don’t fuel the fire
And know that the air your breath
Will always be around you
Waiting for it to help you continue on

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