Who are you?

What are you doing?

What do you have to live for?

What do you have to die for?

Our story is our own

It is our who, what, where, why, and how

It is how we think

It is how we feel

We live our story everyday

We are who we are because of our story

Our story can be filled with versus

Or chapters

Or sonnets

Or plays

Or short stories

Or even novels

We decide what our story will look like

We decide what will be in our story

We will decide how and when to write our story

And we will decide when our story will end

No one can write our story for us

It is our own to write

There is no amount of money

Or favors that can write our story

It is our task and our task along

It is our obligation and our duty to write our story

We decide who gets to read it

We decide who gets to be a part of it

I may meet you on my way down the street

Or I might meet you where we work

And based on that one interaction

On that one second interaction

You become a part of my story

Just like that

Instantly you are written in

I might not even realize it at first

How you went from such a minor unnamed character

To being named

To being fully emerged

To even being considered a main character

Our stories may clash

And that we cannot control

But what we can control

Is how much they clash

We decide how much of our story

We’re willing to tell

We decide whether or not you make it to the end

We decide how you fit into our own story

But the problem with our stories

The one problem that none of us can control

Is once something has been written

It cannot be erased

No matter how hard we try

No matter what we do

We can’t erase what’s already been written

We can’t change the development of our characters

With every word we write

We fall in love

We hate

And we cry

We try our best to write the best story we can

But we’re not perfect, nor should we claim to be

We have faults

But our writing no matter what

Is still our writing

So I employ you to continue writing

Continue adding new characters

Building their relationships

And fostering a great story

Because when our stories do finally come to an end

We can read through everything we’ve written

And smile or laugh or even cry at all the moments

And we can be at peace to know that the words we’re reading

Are our own words, and no one can take our words away

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