Walking though the darkness

Walking through the darkness

We all have a path we travel on

Some are made of stone

And go through fields

Some are made of concrete

And move through hills

Mine is made of dirt

And goes through the woods

Mine is dark

With the moon shining high above the sky

My path moves in many different directions

It moves through twists and turns

For the most part I’ve always been able to see the path before me

But lately the dirt below me and the sky above me has been even bleaker

Recently I’ve been stumbling more than usual

And the wood I walk through has begun to close around me

But then there you were just walking along your path

Yours was made of glass and you too walked through this wood

As we continued walking along our paths they began to cross

I didn’t know who you were or you I

But our paths crossed anyway

Just as I began to stumble and fall even more

The moment our paths collided

Mine got a little brighter

But the darkness and bleakness was too much

And I began to fall to the ground

My body led there on the ground while you stepped onto my path

Most people would have just kept walking

Most people wouldn’t have turned to look at

But you weren’t most people

From the moment you stepped onto my path

You looked over at me and began to walk over

All you did was smile when you put down your hand and offered it to me

I reluctantly took it and you lifted me up

We began walking back along the path

As our paths merged into one

We talked the whole way

Something I hadn’t done in a long time

We spoke about anything and everything

You got me to open up

To reveal what’s hidden

To say what I needed to say

Days went by

Followed my months

And then a year and a half was gone

And we were still on the same path

I didn’t even realize that ever since you joined my path it had changed

The sky was blue above me and the sun was shinning

Everything was better now

But along the way there were some minor stumbles and falls

But every time I faltered or fell or even stumbled

You were right there ready to catch me

You were always right there

Even when we reached the end

Soon I could see our paths were beginning to split once again

Once we came to the cross and took our separate ways I could tell things would change

But no matter what I’ll always remember

How you brought me out of the dark and into the light

And how you stood beside me when I felt most alone

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