We all can’t be rainbows and sunshine all the time, and that’s okay

We all can’t be rainbows and sunshine all the time, and that’s okay

In the darkest night

When life becomes the cruelest

All you need is a little spark of light to get you through

Until dawn shines on your face,

And that spark as small or insignificant as it may seem at times

Will show you the way,

All you have to do is trust it

Life can be the cruelest thing there is

It can be the hardest to go to sleep at night

And get up in the morning and get out of bed

But just that simple act can make all the difference

Scars can dictate where we’ve been

But they don’t have to dictate where we’re going

And no matter what scars we may have

Know that everything will be okay

And no matter how many scars we have

Know that none of them are your fault

You might say you’re sorry for feeling this way

But truth is you have nothing to be sorry about

You shouldn’t have to apologize for life

In reality life should apologize to you

So we’re not all rainbows and sunshine all the time

And that’s okay

We don’t need to be

All we need is to get through this rainy day

Because when it’s all over

There will be a rainbow in the sky

And the sun will shine on your beautiful face


About tothefutureanditsglory

I'm a freshman at champlain college and I'm a computer and digital forensics major. Despite that being my major one of my greatest passions in life is writing. I love putting my thoughts and ideas down on paper.
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