Coming out, and yet…

Coming out, and yet…

I surround myself by shadows

Use the dark to hide

So I can’t even see myself

And yet I’m always looking as hard as I can

To get even a glimpse at myself

I put on a different mask everyday

Adding to the one’s I already ware

So I can be the person I have to be

And yet I look for a hero

One who can see right through them all

And see my true face

I push as hard as I can

So no one’s around when I fall

And I become hurt and broken

And yet no matter how much pain I feel

No matter how broken I become

I can’t help but want someone to see me

See me when I’m down

So I don’t have to get up by myself

I try so hard to work so hard

So that I can be something

Something within the shadows

Something behind all the masks

Something I can have close

And yet nothing seems right

Being the best mind

Being the best body

Being the best adored

Nothing is good enough

Coming out means casting a light do the shadows

Coming out means throwing down the mask

Coming out means pulling closer and holding on tight

Coming out means looking in the mirror and recognizing what you see

And yet is coming out good enough

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