Life Up

Life has its ups and its downs

We move through life at different paces

Through twists and turns

Through bumps and even dead ends

But the one thing that always stays the same

Is that there will always be a new path

A new road to take

A new grassy field to lay down on and look up at the sky

Life will always throw this our way

Whether we feel like we’ve hit a dead end

And we feel that there is nowhere to go

But one thing that I’ve only but just realized

Is that dead ends don’t exist unless we let them

If you come to the end of your path

And there’s a ten foot wall standing in your way

Instead of looking at it as a dead end

Look at it as a way up

So grab that eleven foot ladder and start climbing

Because on the other side of that wall is a new path

A new dawn

A new field

And a bunch of new paths to take

We all travel our own path

Sometimes our paths cross with others

And even when our paths no longer cross

That doesn’t mean they won’t again

So next time you come to a dead end

Or your path goes in a different direct then someone else’s

Don’t forget that life has its ups and downs

But as long as you keep looking up

There will always be a new path to take

So life up

And be happy with the path your on

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