There are some choices in life that are so hard to make

But we make them anyways because it’s in our nature

There will always be a choice that we have to make

And after every choice something always changes

How do make a choice that can impact so much

We look at our options and in our minds

We view the possibilities being either good or bad

We are taught early on that there is always a bad and a good

But what if that isn’t true

How can you say a choice is good or bad

When you are the one making the choice

Can’t you have enough faith not just in the path your choosing

But in yourself to make the best choice

We are so afraid that the choice we make will be the wrong one

So many “what ifs” we play in our head

We think about every possible outcome

And we analyze every choice

I know it’s hard to step back away from the choice

Take a deep breath and just have faith

But it’s more in our nature

To have faith in something then to make a choice

So don’t think about all the “what ifs” in life

Don’t think about every possible outcome

Just think about the one outcome that truly matters

Think about what you want in life

And take the leap of faith

That the choice you made is the right one

Simply because

You made the choice

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