What do we do when we’re lost

Lost in our own thoughts

Lost in our own minds

Lost on our path

Where do you go when you’re lost

When the path you take creates twists and turns

Grows dark by the minute

And seems so bleak that you worry if you’ll find your way

Who do you go to when you’re lost

When you can’t see the path before you

When you’re focused so much on what’s behind you

When everything seems to be fading

When do you get lost

With the loss of a friend

The loss of a loved one

Or the loss of a chapter in your life

How do you get unlost

How do you stay on the path

When you can’t even see where your going

How do you keep on moving

When moving just an inch takes everything out of you

How do you go about your life

When everything seems be just fade away

You take a moment to think

Your path may seem dark and bleak

But just stop for a moment, even just a second

Close your eyes and think

Think of the What, Where, Who, When, and How

What makes you feel lost, but what brings you out of the darkness

Where do you get lost, but where do you feel safe and happy

Who makes you lost, but who stands beside you through it all

When do you get lost, but when do you feel free and collected

How do you handle being lost, and how to you push back the darkness

These are the things that we find on our path

These are what makes us feel lost, and safe

It’s how we react to these things that decides our path

In the end we choose  to look upon the darkness or push it back

Think about being lost

Think about all the times you didn’t feel lost

Think about how you got unlost

About all the What’s, Where’s, Who’s, When’s, and How’s

Then maybe you won’t feel so lost

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