We’re all afraid of something

It’s human nature

For some of us it’s spiders

But for some of us

Fear is something

Completely different

For me it’s a question

We all know

That some days are worse than others

And some days are better than others

Everyday when I choose to get up in the morning

I ask myself the same question

I ask myself whether or not I actually want to get up

Or do I just want to lay in bed and never come out

Or do anything, and just lay there until everything fades away

Everyday for the past 22 years the answer has always been the same

The answer is always yes

And i hope it stays that way for another 22 years and more

But it’s that very question that I fear more than anything

For I fear the day that I wake up and ask myself that question

And I say no

It scares me shitless

I’m afraid for myself

Of the day to come

When the answer will be no

And I will lay there

Until everything fades away

I’m scared

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