I’m not afraid

I’m not afraid

                This is an apology to everyone who I have wronged, to everyone who I have not treated equally or fairly. There is no excuse for the things that I have done. I have hurt you, and for that there is no bigger apology. I have become lost, but more than that I have become afraid. This is for all of you, you know who you are.

“Scars remind us where we’ve been; they don’t have to dictate where we’re going.”

“Life doesn’t have to be perfect to be wonderful.”

“You don’t have to be sugar and rainbows all the time, and that’s okay.”

We are always running from something

Even if we don’t know it

And those who do know

Aren’t necessarily the lucky ones

We run, we hide, and we cower

From the things that we are afraid of and Fear

We try to fight as much as we can

To keep on running

But sooner than later it catches up to us

It wraps us in a cocoon

One that we have to Hope to escape

We’re backed in a corner

With nowhere to turn

So we do the unthinkable

For some of us

That’s taking all of the Courage we can muster

And beat it to the punch

For some it’s using every ounce of Willpower we have to keep fighting

Until our final breathe

And for some it’s using our Faith to cast it aside

Not our faith in something above or below us

But faith in the right now; in ourselves

And using that faith and that Grace to shine a light

A light so bright that we don’t have to run anymore

This is why I’m not afraid anymore

It’s because of them

The ones who have shown me how to fight

How not to give in or give up

It’s to those that I truly thank

For showing me how to fight

They might have lost their breath

But I haven’t yet

So this is to us

To all of us who are still fighting

To all of us who are still breathing

And continue to move on

We can’t run anymore

We can’t hide from our past

Hope that the future is always an open path

It’s time we make a stand

And we fight with everything we have


Because of those who did the same

They might not be here anymore

But they will always remain with us

So this is to them and to us

This is to us

To keep on breathing

To keep on standing

To look our demons in the eyes

And make them fear us for a change

They do not control us

We control them

And we fight them every day

And some days they will win

But on our last day we will be the winners

Because we fought with everything we had

We had the courage to stand

The willpower to keep going

And the faith in ourselves

That no matter what

We would win

So stop running

Turn around

Face the darkness and the fear

And give them hell

We always say that it’s the dark

That’s our greatest fear

But it’s not

It’s being alone in the dark

And here and now as I say these words

You are not alone

You have those who have fought

And continue to fight

You have those who stand by your side

Even if you can’t see that they’re there

So don’t be afraid

Continue to fight

Continue to breath

Continue to live

Because that is the true victory

This is why I’m not afraid anymore

Because I continue to go on

I continue to breath

I continue to live

I’m done feeling sorry for myself

I’m done running

I’m done hiding

It’s time for a change

And I’m not afraid

It’s because of all of you

The darkness around me

Isn’t there to scare me

It’s there to protect me

And now that I’m not afraid

I see it turn into light before my eyes

And cast away the demons behind me

They might not be gone

For they will never truly leave

But I know that as long as I draw breath

And even after

I will continue to fight

For I’m not afraid

Not anymore

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